City Opera

City Opera – opera theater, which troupe consists of young, active and promising singers full of creative energy, inspiration and passionate love for music.

Carmen by Georges Bizet

Our soloists Dmitry Bashkirov, Olga Spitsyna, Yuriy Zelenin, Rissala Ali, Evgenia Morozova, Boris Kartashev, Ilona Krasnikova, Daria Salnikova, Grigory Golitsyn Andrei Dobrovolsky Alexander Metlov, Ekaterina Malysheva perfectly manifest themselves as performers of solo sections as well as ensemble partners. City Opera troupe is featured by creative approach to rehearsals and concert performance as a single process.
Many soloists sing in famous theaters of Moscow.
Each of them is an awardee of international and Russian contests.

“Bear” by Hodosh

The idea of creation and its implementation belongs to Vladimir Yatskevich who being a director and conductor of City Opera theater, charges the ensemble with creative energy and gives a new breath to masterpieces of classical music. Young and active conductor educated at Gnessin Russian Academy of Music where a master’s degree was conferred on him and after graduation he immediately started to implement his ideas about creating own ensemble.

“Eugene Onegin” by P.I. Tchaikovsky”

The theater repertoire core is represented with international opera classics masterpieces.

A lot of creative ideas and outstanding programs are to be performed by the ensemble in the future. CITY OPERA is always open for cooperation and will be happy to consider proposals of cooperative creative activity and implementation of creative, challenging and innovative musical projects.

The organization of concerts:
+7 (926) 835-93-07 Vladimir



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