SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA CITY– orchestra made up of brilliant, young, talented like-minded instrumentalists. Each of orchestra members is a unique soloist and ensemblist but united by a common artistic idea, the orchestra members perform as a single organism.

«Music should be loved, it must come straight from the heart and talk only to the heart. Otherwise music should be shut out from hope to be eternal and imperishable art»―Sergey Rachmaninov

Thanks to high commitment and faultless mastership, the young orchestral team managed to establish and prove themselves at numerous venues in Moscow and Moscow region where they were praised by critics who noted their performing feature, high culture of ensemble performance as well as unique atmosphere of musician and human sincerity, professionalism and great love for their work of every musician.

“Orchestra will never be replaced. When hundred men each of which is an individuality form single sound field it is extremely thrilling” ― Eduard Artemiev

Orchestra musicians have experience of performing at the best stages of Russia, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy.

“Our history is written by audience and after all it is audience who is entitled to define true masterpieces and their great performers” ― Charles Munch.

Soloists are awardees of international contests, graduates of higher musical educational institutions of Moscow, London, Rotterdam, emphasize sensitivity of the ensemble as an ensemble partner as well as inspired attitude of the orchestra at the concert platform as well as in rehearsal working atmosphere.

Russian critics note professional level of the orchestra, combination of fineness and charm with virtuosity and wealth of orchestra colors.

“I’ve never known a musician who regretted being one. Whatever deceptions life may have in store for you, music itself is not going to let you down” ― Virgil Thomson.

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